Victor did a great tour, it was TOP. He told a lot about the city and how live is for a student. It was great to see, that 3 children still talking about the stories Victor told.

Irma, Maik, Kai, Kim, Mark Holland

Love ya, guys!!!

Irma, Maik, Kai, Kim, Mark Holland2016-06-10

Last wednesday, my friends and I did the deluxe tour with Matt(hias). The weather was sh*te, but the tour was completely great!!! I loved it! Although I forgot alle the names of those Polish bands... maybe something to do with the Vodka.

Sanneke, the Netherlands2016-06-01

I did the Deluxe Communism Tour a few days ago which was loads of fun. Trying to drive the Traban always bring a smile to my face! Thanks to everyone.

Andy, Aberdeenshire, N.E. Scotland2016-05-25

Great tour Kuba!!! You are definitely a "more equal" tour guide!! Hope you can catch one of those BMW's some day in that trablant!!

Don, California2016-05-11

Another trip to Krakow and 2 more crazy tours! Did Polish food and vodka with Benek (I think thats the right spelling) and the commie tour and disco with Eric, two great guys and 2 more new friends, they made the whole experience twice the enjoyment. Now we need to plan our third trip to Krakow and have more crazy tours!! A trip to Krakow isnt complete without a tour with our crazy friends!!

Ian and Jane Hopkinson and Keely2016-04-12
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