Communism Basic Trabant Tour - Nowa Huta


  • PRIVATE TOUR in a vintage Trabant, Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or Soviet Lada
  • Workers' district of Nowa Huta
  • 1.5hrs travel back in time
  • Local, laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Sightseeing by car


  • € 116 - 1 Guest
  • € 128 - Group of 2 people
  • € 140 - Group of 3 people
  • € 163 - Group of 4 people (1 car - Soviet Lada)
  • € 256 - Group of 4 people (2 cars - Trabant/Polski Fiat)
  • € 267 - Group of 5 people (2 cars)
  • € 279 - Group of 6 people (2 cars)
  • € 291 - Group of 7 people (2 cars)
  • on request - Group of 8 & more

'Communism Basic' is a short but excellent option for those who do not have enough time in Krakow to participate in longer activities.

During this tour, you'll travel back in time in a genuine Trabant, Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or Soviet Lada car to see the most famous sights in Nowa Huta, Krakow's centrally-planned Socialist district. Your personal guide will make a few stops along the way to show you some Soviet Renaissance architectural treasures. Because this is a compact tour, there is no time for a walk, and it's just quick but unforgettable sightseeing by car.


Tour details

  • Private tour approx. 1.5hrs
  • Runs daily on request
  • Meeting/pick-up point in the Old Town
  • Vintage Trabant/Polish Fiat 'Toddler'/Soviet Lada car
  • Local, laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Nowa Huta district sightseeing by car: Central Sq, residential units, steelworks' headquarters, Soviet tank, Lord's Ark church


  • What our Clients say:
  • Excellent tour guide in my opinion and spoke good English which meant that we could ask questions and he fully understood and could answer. He showed us around the town, bunker and a flat, we also had some food which was nice and the whole experience was very enjoyable. Thoroughly enjoyed it and was worth every penny, gave a good tip because of the experience and hospitality. Wilber S
  • I can't recommend this tour enough if you have even a shred of interest in the communist era, city planning, or Krakow history. I would love to take another tour with Maciek (though I'm sure the other Crazy Guides are also fantastic!) next time I'm in Krakow.Summer B
  • Everything was perfect! Great Tour! Great Guides! Great Cars! I can really recommend it. Did the tour with 13 Persons on a stagweekend.Johannes H