We had an an amazing experience with Maijeck (not sure of the spelling). From the moment he puttered up in the Trabant we met an informative, humourous and knowledgeable guide. We simply had a delightful day, one which we won't forget any time soon.

Scott, Leslie and Chris, United States2018-06-06

I kinda wish that we had lost the "cold war" back in the 50's and 60's. This way I could put together a Communism tour in New York City.....take people for a ride in my dad's old chevy corvair. I probably could include a trip to the Lower East Side where my guests could get propositioned by hookers or maybe get mugged.You don't have to go to Poland for this much fun. Actually, this was a great tour. It was a highlight of our recent trip to Poland. Majiek and Kuba took my wife and two adult kids on a great outing. Having grown up with the threat of the "Red Menace", I knew I would find it interesting. I wasn't sure how my kids would relate to it. To make a long story short, they had a great time and both came home with a greater understanding of recent Polish history. Don't let the "history lesson" fool you. Majiek and Kuba made everything fun. Don't question if this tour is worth it. Just book it. You won't regret it.

Carrie and Bill2018-05-26

With a bang and a crash, the 2 stroke Trabant turned up at our Hotel. Our guide (little Cuba) quickly reminded us that it was too late to make a will if we hadn't already got one , before taking off with us on board. The Real Krakow tour consists of numerous sites that are off the average tourist s radar, and with the guides help you really get a feel for the history of this magnificent city and the progress it is now making. If you only have time for one excursion when visiting Krakow, this has to be it. You will learn more in these 3-4 hours then any book or sterile tour can offer.

John and Abbi (England)2018-04-09

Thoroughly enjoyed our tour and giggled from the start when our pink trabant arrived! Brilliant guide and fascinating to see what the communists built - a complete city infrastructure from home to factory to shop go restaurant ... We are do glad we included this tour in our krakow trip. Highly Recommended

Henrietta & Peter from Ireland2018-03-12

Imaginative, informed and great fun. Crazy Guides might drive you round in an old Trabant but our Communism Deluxe tour was Formula One. Well done to the team, this was one of the highlights of our trip to Krakow. See the demise of the Proles and the rise of the Poles in post-war Eastern Europe. You won't be disappointed.

Chris and Glen, England 2018-02-22
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