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a tongue-in-cheek look into Poland 

an experience unlike any other :)

Join us on an unconventional tour of Nowa Huta, a monumental district in Krakow constructed during the Communist era. Our project, 'Communism Tour', has been featured in international media numerous times over two decades and is now referred to as 'cult'. This time travel in vintage automobiles with amusing guides in outfits from the era and a wide variety of attractions combines facts and fun, summing up to an unforgettable experience!


The "Communism Tour" begins with a funny prank outside the hotel where an annoying Polish smuggler attempts to sell stolen items to the group. Shortly after, we welcome our guests with a customary shot of Polish Vodka and set off towards the Nowa Huta district.

The Communist-era fleet can seat up to 30 people. For larger groups, we use a modern minibus, to which we add a few commie cars, and participants change throughout the journey so that everyone gets a taste of the Communist comforts. :)

Our adventure includes a stroll through Central Square, housing estates and a commemorative photo next to a Soviet tank. One of the tour highlights is visiting the famous "Renaissance" headquarters of the steelworks and exploring its underground bomb shelters or abandoned offices.

While exploring the district, we stop at an authentic restaurant with 1990s decor, where we organize a humorous lecture on everyday life in Poland at the end of Communism while enjoying beer, vodka, or nostalgic soda pop. Lunch or dinner can be served there, too. Alternatively, a simple open-air grill or a workers' canteen are available for more 'sophisticated' dishes. :)

Embark on the most extraordinary sightseeing tour of your life!


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