Second time on the tour for both of us and without a doubt Crazy Java was the best guide we have had... As well as knowing his stuff about communism you can also encounter him at the best kebab stands and watering holes that Krakow has to offer at 1 in the morning! Fun times.

Katie & Jenny (we're from the Isle Of Man)2015-09-10

Had a great tour wih Kaska and Victor! Vodka, driving Trabants, pickled vegetables, excellent lunch in the Milk Bar - what more could you ask for? Will certainly do this again when we're next in Krakow. Next time we have got to meet the famous Mr. V!

Arthur and Margaret2015-08-14

It is even better second time around. We brought our friends along and they didn't shut up about it afterwards. Eric was great on the second take, enthusiastic, genuine, friendly and just too damn lovable, 'Strawberry' (ha ha... Sorry K!) was brill too, even with a hangover... She has the best sound system I've ever seen. We're now home and ripping out the player and speakers from our car to put in a Fisher Price tape machine linked to a Shuffle which hangs off a Magic Tree... Absolute Genius. Thanks again for a great time guys... Can't wait to the third time around... Keep the cars running and save us a shot...

Davidt & Laura - Glasgow, Scotland2015-07-20

Crazy & hippie, but you'll learn something even if you don't want to ! Ask Eric about the history of Poland & Krakow and prepare to be dazzled!

Allan, England2015-07-10

Had a great tour on june 6th or 7th, can't remember tha day, loved the cars, the tour to nowa huta was great, thanks Victor, thanks Cyril, (and sorry for eating your lunch...)

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