Communism Tour of Nowa Huta Krakow


  • PRIVATE TOUR in a vintage Trabant or Polish Fiat 'Toddler'
  • Workers' district of Nowa Huta
  • 2.5hrs travel back in time
  • Local, laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Driving & walking
  • Old-fashioned restaurant


  • € 163 - 1 Guest
  • € 174 - Group of 2 people
  • € 198 - Group of 3 people
  • € 244 - Group of 4 people (1 car - Soviet Lada)
  • € 349 - Group of 4 people (2 cars - Trabant/Polski Fiat)
  • € 372 - Group of 5 people (2 cars)
  • € 395 - Group of 6 people (2 cars)
  • € 442 - Group of 7 people (2 cars)
  • on request - Group of 8 & more

The Berlin Wall may have fallen, the Iron Curtain cracked, but many of Communism's most famous legacies are alive and well in Krakow. Visit and discover Krakow's centrally-planned Socialist district of Nowa Huta, complete with steelworks and houses built in the Renaissance style of the Soviets. This unique project was meant to be a model Communist city but later became one of the centres of revolution and resistance within Poland.
During our tour, you will travel back in time in a genuine Trabant, Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or a Soviet Lada automobile to experience the wonders of this one-of-a-kind city. Not only will you discover how the average Pole lived, worked and played under Communism, but stories and anecdotes from your laid-back local guide will bring the "good old days" back to life. The 'Communism Tour' includes walking around the district, refreshments in an old-fashioned restaurant and a short visit to the local 1950s shop with unique, traditional tacky souvenirs and a truly Socialist interior design.


Tour details

  • Private approx. 2.5hrs tour (it all depends on traffic :)
  • Convenient pick-up point (near your hotel)
  • Trabant, Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or a Soviet Lada car
  • Local, laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Nowa Huta district sightseeing (driving/walking): Central Sq, residential units, steelworks' headquarters, Soviet tank, Lord's Ark church
  • 1950s shop with unique, traditional tacky souvenirs and a truly Socialist interior design
  • Refreshments in an old-fashioned restaurant


  • What our Clients say:
  • Took the 2.5hours communist trip to Nova Huta. We were picked up outside our apartment bang on time in a trabant by the lovely Kornelia. The trip was super fun but also very informative... Kornelia knows her stuff. What a magical experience. Totally wacky but also very interesting. Worth every penny.Heather R
  • A very enjoyable day, our guide was fantastic and very informative having grown up in the district herself. My only regret is not doing the deluxe, we'll certainly be back to do that. Would certainly advise anybody going to Krakow to do this tour!Ben P
  • Five stars for this tour. I had been to Kraków a few times before, but never Huta. This Crazy tour was a great way to see that part of the city, learn about its history, and be thoroughly entertained by our guide. Travelling by Trabant is just the start of the fun!David J