Back in November My wife and I on a short trip to Krakow decided to do the Communist tour. We spent a delightful 3 hours driven around in a quirky trabant with our young tour guide who was a mine of information We stopped for beer in the communistresturant befor for setting off again for more reveling insights in to polands past.terrific value for money and thouroughly different my wife and I (mid 50s) and strongly reccomend this tour Chris Fletcher Staffs UK

Chris Fletcher2016-11-25

My friend and I visited Krakow in early November 2010. Our Crazy Guide, Jurek, was very knowledgeable, an excellent story teller and had a great sense of humor. The tour provided an intimate view of Poland's communist history. Jurek was very gracious to let us pick his brain about Nowa Huta and life in Poland in general, and even drove us to a local market to look around! This is at the top of our list of fun things we did while in Krakow and definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the city.

Phil, Washington, DC 2016-11-15

I went on the Communist Tour on a recent trip to Krakow with my girlfriend. Our guide was witty, informative and great fun. Nowa Huta is a very interesting part of the city made even more so by the nature of the tour. It's the best way to see the area, and I'd recommend it to anyone.


We did the "standard" communist tour to Nova Huta (oktober 2010). We were with four people in the luxery Lada. It was great fun and also very interesting. We received a lot of information and had fun driving the Lada and also the Trabant. The tour leaders are good guys and speak good English. Do this!

Alwin van der Heide, Gouda - Holland2016-10-12

One of the high points of our trip to Poland. A chance to see how people lived and talk to a friendly, knowledgeable guide about life behind the Iron Curtain. Don't miss the tour(and all of the 25 hp of the Trabant).

Marty from San Francisco2016-09-15
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