Ojcow National Park with Crazy Guides


  • Explore the hidden gem of Krakow: Ojców National Park

Ojcow National Park is a popular destination for people from Krakow, especially on sunny weekends. Although it can get quite crowded, there's no need to worry, as we know the best times to visit and which areas to avoid. This former 19th-century spa boasts beautiful features such as white rocks, a lush forest, and charming Alpine architecture, creating a natural paradise perfect for a laid-back day out of the city.

We offer a range of activities, such as bike rides, hikes up small rocky hills with stunning views, visits to a medieval castle, and stops at BBQ spots serving delicious local trout. If you prefer to slow down, relax with a few craft beers, and nap on a blanket afterwards, we're happy to accommodate your needs. This private tour is tailored to your specific interests, so there's no rush - just chill, relax, and enjoy our passion for showing you around.


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