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Join the Crazy Guides team on one of our legendary Nowa Huta tours in a vintage Trabant or Polish Fiat 'Toddler' automobiles and see the true sights of this amazing city. Our funky cars and laid-back local guides guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience!

Nowa Huta - Krakow's Communist district & steelworks

Nowa Huta started it's history in 1949 as a separate town near Kraków. It was planned as a huge centre of heavy industry.

The town was to become an ideal urban project for the Communist propaganda and populated mostly by industrial workers. The reasons for building a workers' paradise near bourgeois Kraków were mostly ideological and were against laws of economy. In the 1980s Nowa Huta became a place of many demonstrations and violent street protests of the Solidarity movement, fought by the police.

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Are we 'Crazy'?

Yes and No... Actually it all started with the name 'Crazy Guides' to show that we are not a standard tour operator. Krakow was developing as a leading tourist destination in this part of Europe and was lacking anything funky. All the standard tours in Krakow were so boring... We decided to do something else, to open a really funky, innovative travel bussiness and that is why the name 'Crazy' was just perfect for us. Open minded, always smiling and treating our clients as friends. Tours of Krakow not filled only with boring facts, but also with every day life experiences and funny stories. 'Crazy Guides' was meant to provide not just a tour but more an experience, a thing one would remember for a long time.

Why Trabants?

The vision of a cool tour of Krakow wouldn't be complete without a cool vehicle. The laid-back, crazy guide is an important factor, but upgrading the Krakow experience with funky Trabants is something really nice. We want our clients to feel unique, so we decided to provide for them unique transportation in a relict of the bygone, communist era.

Why Nowa Huta?

There were so many tour operators offering standard tours in Krakow with nearly the same offer. Krakow's Old Town sightseeing, the Royal Route, Wawel Castle etc. etc. We really wanted to be different, to be unique, to be remembered. In 2004 nobody in Krakow was showing the areas related to the most modern history of Poland, to the communist times. We realized that our locally famous district of Nowa Huta, that was erected by the communists after WW2 is really fascinating, especially for foreign tourists who grew up on the other side of the Iron Curtain. That is why we started our 'Communism Tours' of Nowa Huta, showing how we lived a few decades ago.