Trabant Hire Krakow Poland


  • PRIVATE RIDE around Krakow
  • 1h tour, vintage Trabant, Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or Soviet Lada
  • Laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Up to 3-4 people in one car


  • € 105 - Group up to 3 people
  • € 128 - Group up to 4 people (Soviet Lada)

This option is highly recommended for those who are not interested in tours and just want to spend fun time being driven in a Trabant or a Polish Fiat 'Toddler' car. Our local laid-back driver picks you up from your hotel for a 1 hour ride around Krakow (a few routes to choose from) in the famous 23 horse power "plastic box" created by East German engineers. If the car breakes you will have to push it :) This is a real adventure!


Tour details

  • Private 1h tour
  • Runs daily on request
  • Hotel pick up/drop off in a vintage Trabant, a Polish Fiat 'Toddler' or a Soviet Lada
  • Local, laid-back Crazy Guide
  • Ride around Krakow (a few routes to choose from)
  • Up to 3-4 people in one car


  • What our Clients say:
  • Everything was as great as it can be. Our guide Karolina is excellent and the tour was perfect. Riding a trabant in the city is really amazing and unforgettable. I would like to recommend it to everyone going to Krakow. Thanks again to Crazy Guides~Jonathan V
  • The Trabant was lime-green, could keep up with the traffic and drew indulgent smiles from passers-by, Our guide was very well briefed and the trip educated us in a way that our museum trips didn't about the political and cultural forces within the city. From this trip you get to understand how Russian influence affected the city and you travel between symbolic buildings in a relic of the communist era - the little two-stroke, thermoplastic Trabant. Great trip and well worth it.Neil B